About Us

Memshalah (mem-shaw-law') Definition: rule, dominion, realm

Vision Statement

To inspire, facilitate, educate and train a new urban generation to be financially solvent through real estate, financial services and progressive investment strategies on the North American continent.

What We Do

We address the financial needs of families and individuals through education and the offering of options for debt counseling, real estate solutions, credit repair, financial plans and more. Our objective is to help each individual to become whole and seize new opportunities. We are wealth builders!

Our Objectives

  1. Real estate acquisition education

  2. Financial service implementation and training

How Objectives Will Be Accomplised

  1. Systematically identifying individuals who will invest time, money and energy to become financially independent in our organization through real estate education and hands on training.

  2. We will help these individuals identify their specific gifts, talents and abilities and find the right strategic location for them to flourish.

  3. Tactically create, educate, train and place Memshalah Enterprises LLC partners in the areas of profitable real estate identification, licensed investor real estate agents, escrow officers, title officers, lenders, licensed financial service agents and large platform investment money managers on the North American continent who are committed to revitalizing urban areas!

  4. Continue to build and nurture our partners and affiliates until they become wealthy, build an estate to leave to the next generation.