Credit Repair Services

New Home Purchase?

If you plan to purchase a new home soon, having bad credit can severely hamper your approval odds for a home loan.

Reasons why you would need to fix your credit:

We specialize in the removal of negative items on your credit report that decrease your scores.
These Items include:

Credit Inquiries

Medical Bills

Errors on Accounts

And much more...

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We guarantee that you will see an improvement in your scores within 90 days.

Our Process

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We will review your credit report one on one with one of our credit specialists and create a tailored plan to determine which items you would like to challenge or change.

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We contact the creditors on your behalf and ensure they meet their obligations to you based on your situation. We then confirm with the credit bureaus that the changes have been made to your accounts. 

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You profit from your increased credit scores!

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