Financial Advising

Facing financially uncertain times, people are understandably anxious about thier financial future. Therefore, we offer various counseling to people of all backgrounds, regardless of income, to plan for your future sucess.

Our Licensed Experts Are Here to Help

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What We Do

We take a four-step approach to helping families and individuals assess their current financial status and create a roadmap to build their future success.

Our licensed financial advisors can help you create a written plan to achieve your goals and dreams! 

Review this questionnaire:

  1. How much life insurance do you have? __________________________________

  2. Does your current insurance policy cover all of your exposure to debt, liabilities, and create an estate that will handle all of your family’s needs in the event of your premature departure?                   a.Yes                   b. No

  3. What type of life insurance is it?

    1. Term Life

    2. Whole Life

    3. Universal Life

    4. Global Index Universal Life

  4. Does your insurance policy pay interest on a portion of the premium paid for your insurance coverage?                   a.Yes                   b. No

  5. If so, what is the rate of return? _________. If not, why not?_______________________

  6. Does your insurance policy allow you to take money out of that savings portion of your insurance policy tax free without borrowing it or paying interest on the money at any time?                   a.Yes                   b. No

  7. Who is the holder of your retirement account, who manages it and how much interest are you getting on that account? ___________________________________________

  8. If the stock market dropped drastically do you know how much exposure your retirement account would have to that volatility?                   a.Yes                   b. No​

  9. If yes, how much of your retirement could be lost in that event? _______________

  10. Would you be open to looking into retirement accounts that could guarantee you a minimum interest rate above the rate of inflation up to 6%?             a. yes      b. no

  11. If you don’t know all the answers to these questions or you answered “NO” are you open to an opportunity to receive a complimentary five-page financial review with no obligation to do anything but have your situation reviewed?      a. Yes       b. No

  12. Are you open to adding thousands of dollars to your monthly income?       a. Yes       b. No

If you cannot answer all of these questions precisely, you need to meet with one of our licensed financial advisors so we may help you assess your current financial situation!