Private Lending For Real Estate Investors?

Do you need funding for your next deal?

Memshalah Enterprises LLC can fund your next deal as soon as 14 days. Call or text us at 877-913-1150 for more information.

we'd like to pay for your next purchase, cash-out refi, fix & flip

We just ran into a couple of million dollars with a friend of mine, and we want to help get it lent out.

  • Are you currently on the market for funding?

  • Any deals in the works that you need money for?

  • Any free & clear assets that you'd like to leverage with a cash-out refinance?

This is where we can help...

We specialize in "fix & flip" and also helping real estate investors leverage their current free and clear or high equity investment property to reinvest through cross collateralization.

We would love to hear from you! Call our courteous and dependable team at


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